Intro to Reverse Engineering

Ever wondered about the mysterious and impenetrable “Reverse Engineering” category at CTFs? Ever wanted to reverse engineer a program to see how it runs at the assembly level? Do you enjoy poring over thousands of lines of assembly code?

If you said yes to any of these, or are just interested in the art of Reverse Engineering in general, we are hosting a presentation just for you this Thursday! Super genius Chris James will be teaching the basics of RE tool “Radare2”, a freely available tool for Reverse Engineering. Come on out to enhance your skills as a hacker!

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Tales of a Hacker w/ Founder of SIT

Think Mr. Robot has some unbelievable hacking scenarios? Think again.

Our great and legendary club founder, John Sawyer, will be coming to visit us this Thursday to regale us with tales of the wild, wild computer world! John Sawyer holds two DEFCON CTF 1st place standings; once in 2014, and a repeat win in 2015. For those of you who don’t know, DEFCON is the most competitive and widely known CTF event in the world - winning even once is a huge deal. Needless to say, he has plenty of interesting hacking stories to share with us!

Come on out to see how far the rabbit hole really goes.

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AlexCTF Review and NSA Guest Appearance

Hey SIT!

Following our great success at the AlexCTF Capture-the-flag event last friday, several students will be presenting their CTF challenge writeups! This involves explaining the challenge and working through the solution. If you were stuck on any challenge (like 99% of the rest of us), come on out to learn how it’s done!

Afterwards, an NSA representative will be here to give us a special look into the mysterious entity that is the National Security Agency. This is an excellent opportunity to learn how information security is applied in the real-world, especially by the government!


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AlexCTF this weekend! Feb 3 - Feb 6

It’s been awhile since we’ve had a CTF event, and this one turned out great! At 6pm on Friday, Feb 3rd, our crack team of hackers met up for a night of hacking and exploitation. Within 4 hours we had solved most of the problems for the AlexCTF!

However, this CTF is far from over. Keep an eye out for new challenges to be added periodically. While we won’t be meeting up in person to collaborate, feel free to discuss challenges on our slack channel.

Thanks for coming out!

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Spring GBM | Jan 12th at 6:30pm in CSE 309

Hey SIT! Do you like free pizza?

Join us for our Spring GBM! We will be looking back and reviewing the Fall semester as well as sharing our plans for the future. This meeting will be a great time to:

  • Get acquainted with our officers
  • Review what we learned in 2016
  • Reminisce about previous club travel experiences
  • Learn about our goals and visions for the club

In addition, we will begin taking applications for Chair positions! We aim to have a Corporate Liaison Chair and a CTF chair. Come to the meeting for more details!


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