No Meeting this week + BSides Reminder

Hey SIT!

We will not be meeting this Thursday. Instead, use that time to cheer on our CCDC team! They will be representing UFSIT in the Regional CCDC competition in Kennesaw, Georgia starting this Wednesday. If we win, we’ll be heading to Nationals! Best of luck to our team!

In other news, remember to sign up for our BSides event this Saturday! We will be carpooling to Orlando and spending the day learning about various topics of Cyber Security. Check out our pinned Facebook post for more information!

Link to carpool doc:

Have a great week!

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Online Anonymity | March 23rd

Hey SIT!

Think Incognito mode makes you an undetectable ninja on the web? Think again.

This week, we will be learning what it truly takes to stay stealthy and covert in the online world. Join us to discover how to use Proxies, VPNs, and more to ensure that your online excursions are untraceable by Russian hackers, secret government agencies, or nosy neighbors. Come on out to protect your privacy!

Also, be on the lookout for an announcement regarding a CTF this Friday. Exact times TBD, but be prepared!

See ya there!

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Congratulations to our CCDC team!

The UF SIT Collegiate Cyber Defense Team qualified for the CCDC Regional Competition in a stunning performance this recent Saturday!

From 8am to 12pm, fearless Captain Terry Thibault and veteran co-captain Grant Hernandez led the team through a grueling 4 hours of realistic Cyber warfare, protecting virtual assets from penetration by expert hackers (All while looking sharp in matching uniforms).

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Cryptography and Cookies | March 2nd


This week, SIT will be providing a complete overview of Cryptography, including Classic Cryptography, Modern Cryptography, hashing, and more.

Come on out to crack ciphers and eat cookies!

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