Meeting – September 3, 2014 | Welcome to SIT – Getting Started With Virtualization

Hello SITers,

Get ready for our first meeting of Fall 2014! This week we will be introducing our officers, club structure, and how to get started with virtualization.

Virtualization technology allows a user to emulate an operating system at the software level abstract from underlying hardware. For us, this means we can run an operating system that uses the linux kernel from our Desktop!

Officers are now providing an awesome series of whitepapers that go along with each presentation. To view the docs for this weeks meeting click the link below:


You will need to bring a laptop with Ethernet access with you!

[Be Social!]
IRC: #ufsit on Freenode

[Time and Location]
Wednesday 7:00pm – 9:00pm
CSE E312

SwampSec - July 30, 2014, 7-9pm at Stubbies and Steins

Hey SITers!

Just because we won’t be having regular meetings doesn’t mean we won’t be doing things. This week, come to Stubbies & Steins <> and join us for this month’s SwampSec!

If you don’t know what SwampSec is, it’s a gathering of infosec professionals and enthusiasts that takes place from 7-9pm on the fourth Wednesday of the month. For more information, check out and follow SwampSec on Twitter @swampsec. Hope to see you there!

(Stubbies & Steins:,-82.3255617&z=17&geocode=FWdzxAEdxs8X-ymt0wTyjKPoiDGY1Gy2J4WVEA&saddr=Stubbie+Shirt+Pub,+9+W+University+Ave,+Gainesville,+FL+32601&daddr=)