Fall GBM #2: Bandit and PicoCTF!

Heyo SITizens,

Don’t miss the second meeting of the semester! We’ll be doing some introductory exercises with the wargame Bandit and the CTF PicoCTF. 5:30PM @ CSE 231! Pizza is pending.

CSAW summary after the break.

UFSIT finished at 22nd out of over 150 North American Undergrad teams, and 112th overall! Woo! We had an early lead on hackucf, but they were able to clinch out the final day and finish just above us at 21st. Only the top 10 finishers will advance to the Finals, but word on the street is a few teams are getting investigated for cheating. Unfortunately, that number of teams is 2 instead of 12 (;

Be sure to congratulate our top solvers Grant and Chris J when you see them! Tell Shawn to learn some reversing or web! Until next time…

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