Reverse Engineering | Thurs Nov 3 at 6:30pm in CSE 309

Happy belated Halloween SIT!

Hope everyone’s weekend was full of costumes and candy. While pumpkins and skeletons were fun, its time to start looking forward to Thanksgiving!!

This week, we’ll be taking a look at Reverse Engineering. This is the process of disassembling an executable file to understand its functions, processes, variables, etc. With this information known, it is possible to find a vulnerability which can be exploited with a malicious injection. In this way, an attacker can hijack execution control of a program to execute desired functions (getflag()) or even execute arbitrary code. We will also be taking a look at the most common tool for this, which is GDB, the GNU debugger. This is a hugely important topic for CTFs and cyber security in general, so I highly recommend to come out!

Also, this Friday, at 7pm, in CSE 312, we will be having a CTF event! Join us as we participate in the HackTheVote online CTF. We will be providing food!


Come on out for a fun night of hacking!

In addition, big thanks to everyone who came to the B-Sides Jacksonville conference and the Florida Center for CyberSecurity 3rd Annual Conferences. Both were extremely fun and enlightening, I hope everyone came away a little more experienced and aware of modern security trends! You can find pictures of our trips on our facebook, linked below.

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Thursday 6:30pm – 7:30pm | CSE E309