Guide to Buffer Overflows | Thurs Oct 6 at 6:30pm in CSE 309

Welcome to another week SIT! We have a lot of exciting events planned.

Firstly, congratulations to everyone who participated in the TUMCTF. It was a pretty challenging event overall, but we managed to come out ranked 89th out of 434 competing teams. Great job! It was a great time hanging out all night trying to crack challenges. #trackmania

This week’s meeting will feature Buffer Overflows. This is another fundamental weapon in a hacker’s arsenal, I definitely recommend coming out! We will be showing how to hijack the execution of a program using stack based overflows, letting you execute arbitrary code or run a program in unintended ways. We will be providing a hands-on exercise after the presentation for you to apply your newly-found powers to exploit some vulnerable programs.

Finally, there will NOT be a CTF event this Friday Oct. 5th. Instead, make sure to come out to our Ropes Course Social at Lake Wauburg on Saturday! It will be a ton of fun, so definitely come out! We will be providing free food!

Event link: Ropes Course Social

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Thursday 6:30pm – 7:30pm | CSE E309