Introduction to CTFs | Thurs Sept 22 at 6:30pm in CSE 309

What’s up SIT!

Hope everyone had a great time with the CSAW CTF event this past weekend. Our team placed top 27 in the nation and top 10% in the world! Thanks to everyone who showed up, and congratulations!

This week’s meeting will feature explanations and write-ups of several CTF challenges that were completed at CSAW. If you were struggling with a particular challenge, this is the perfect way to see the solution worked out in real time.

In addition, we will be having a hands-on lab to learn vital Linux and recon skills. Don’t miss it!

Also, we will be hosting a Lake Wauburg Ropes Course social on October 8th. Check the Facebook for more information!


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Thursday 6:30pm – 7:30pm | CSE E309