MMA CTF - Fri Sept 4 @ 8pm in CSE E309

Hey SITers!

Like we mentioned at Tuesday’s meeting, we’ll be competing in the MMA CTF ( this weekend. If you want to come hang out and work on some challenges, we’ll be in CSE E309 from:

  • 8pm - 11pm on Friday
  • Noon - 4pm on Saturday

Can’t make those times? Don’t fret! We’ll be collaborating on the UFSIT IRC (#ufsit on Freenode) and will be posting instructions on how to participate remotely there.

Though, if you’re planning on coming to compete in person, we ask that you bring a laptop with a Kali Linux VM on it. We’ll be sending out instructions on how to set that up soon.

Hope to see you there!

~ Andrew

[Be Social!]
IRC: #ufsit on Freenode
Slack: #ufsit on
Twitter: @ufsit

[Time and Location]
8pm - 11pm on Friday
Noon - 4pm on Saturday
CSE E309