Ghost In The Shellcode CTF 2015

Hello SITers!

If you missed last nights meeting, we announced that we will be participating in the Ghost in the Shellcode CTF! Last year’s CTF was extremely fun and was focused on hacking the Pwn Adventure 2 videogame. We killed a million boars, gave ourselves super speed, and even fought a pack of angry bears with AK47s that, errr, had the right to bear arms. And who could forget the best credits/crypto challenge a game has ever had

This year’s description: ‚Äč

How do you top the world’s first hacking CTF played live in an actual custom CTF/MMORPG? By doing it again, and even better! We’ve even got a dedicated website at where you can find out more information about this new world of Pwnie Island, this time a true open-world game, with more challenges unique to game hacking.

Come out and join us for the first CTF we are participating in for 2015!


  • Date – Friday 1/16/15
  • Time – 6:00PM
  • Place – CSE 309