Meeting – September 10, 2014 | Crash Course X86 Binaries

Hi SITers!

This week, we’ll be familiarizing ourselves with x86 binaries on Linux and provide a starting point for reading/modifying machine code. We’ll also be learning about the hex editor hte and other tools like ndisasm.

You can view the document for this meeting here: RED-MOD-0 and the doc that goes with it RED-MOD-0-ANNOTATED-ASSEMBLY

Make sure to bring your laptop with the VMs from last meeting installed! If you did not get a chance to download them, find an officer and we’ll give you them.

Also, as a quick reminder, you can find the meeting recordings at!

[Be Social!] IRC: #ufsit on Freenode Website: Facebook:

[Time and Location] Wednesday 7:00pm – 9:00pm CSE E312