CTF - Ghost in the Shellcode | Friday 1500 - Sunday 1330


We’re a little under 24hrs away from the first CTF of the semester - Ghost in the Shellcode <http://ghostintheshellcode.com/> - and I hope you all are ready to hack away!

We will be in our regular meeting location (1151 McCarty Hall A) from 3:00pm on Friday until 1:30pm on Sunday so feel free to drop by at any time to have some fun. All you’ll need to help out is yourself and your laptop!

One thing we stress is the fact that, even if you think you don’t have enough knowledge to help out, you actually do. Every person that has come out in the past has been a huge help and has always learned a ton of useful tips/tricks/skills (I know I have.)

If you want to help set up, show up early and, if you have any questions about the CTF, just ask in the irc (freenode, #ufsit.)

Happy hacking!

Also, make sure to join SIT on GatorConnect <https://ufl.collegiatelink.net/organization/SIT/> if you haven’t already!