Meeting - November 06, 2013 | Socket Server Programming and rwthCTF

Hey SITers!

This Wednesday we’ll be talking about socket server programming and rwthCTF which is this weekend! rwthCTF is on Saturday from 8am - 8pm and SIT will be in our normal room (1151 McCarty Hall A.) This is an attack and defend CTF and is a great experience for all skill levels. For more information on the CTF, check out

[Time and Location]

Wednesday 7:00pm-9:00pm

1151 McCarty Hall A

[Stuff to Bring]

  • Laptop with Kali Linux (bare metal or VM.)

(Please note we will be working with Kali Linux this meeting so make sure to download and install it!)

[Ethics Agreement]

If you haven’t yet signed an the ethics agreement posted at, please bring a copy of the agreement, printed out and signed, to Wednesday’s meeting.