Meeting - August 28, 2013 | Ethics and Linux

Good evening, SIT’ers!

This Wednesday (August 28, 2013) we will be talking about ethics, beginning Linux, and some challenges that Chris has made for us! I’ll send out the challenges later tonight and they will be available for you to solve. If you do solve them, please keep the solution to yourself until Wednesday when we’ll be discussing the challenges. (Update: the challenges are now available at!)

The Linux distro we will be installing is called SliTaz and is only 35MB in size. To download it, just go to the downloads page <> and download the first LiveCD - Stable version image. Another program you should grab before the meeting is called VirtualBox which you can find here! <>

[Time and Location] Wednesday 7:00pm-9:00pm 1151 McCarty Hall A

[Stuff to Bring] - Laptop with SliTaz and VirtualBox downloaded

[Ethics Agreement] If you haven’t yet signed an the ethics agreement posted at, please bring a copy of the agreement, printed out and signed, to Wednesday’s meeting.