Preparing for iCTF

As many of you know,  the UCSB iCTF takes place on March 22. This time we are changing address and will be running it from the Gainesville Hackerspace location. There is something to be said about comfy chairs.

Of course, that means moving and setting up our game rig there. And, suddenly, the Stack’s gone!

[caption id=“attachment_632” align=“aligncenter” width=“300”]Where's the Kernel?! Where’s the Kernel?![/caption]

Don’t worry; all the contents are fine… specially the Kernel Sanders. I mean, we were there until 2am this morning and have not electrocuted ourselves in the process. But we do have some interior decoration issues we must address.

Which reminds me: don’t forget that this Wednesday meeting will take place at hackerspace. We do want to make sure you can find your way there before game day.