Meeting - March 13, 2013

Good morning, SIT’ers!

Tonight, we’re starting our crash course series on CTF preparation. The UCSB iCTF is March 22nd! That’s next Friday! If you plan to participate… you won’t want to miss the next two meetings!

During this week’s meeting, we’ll teach you how to use the different internal collaboration systems that we’ve set up. This will play a big part in making sure the team operates smoothly.

You’ll get a chance to see the many different roles that need to be filled during a CTF. Job assignment is critical in making sure we have at least one person working in a particular area at all times.

Because some of you have expressed concern with the iCTF having a network component, we’ll also introduce the network mapping tool (nmap). The purpose, for this meeting, will be to identify potential security issues with your systems and patch them up before the CTF.

Stuff to Bring - Laptop running Linux, and with an Ethernet port - IRC client: irssi/weechat/etc. (Linux) or Chatzilla (Firefox Add-in) - PGP public key - you will need this and we can show you how to generate one

Ethics Agreement Just a reminder… if you haven’t yet signed an the ethics agreement posted at, please bring a copy of the agreement, printed out and signed, to tonight’s meeting.

Time and Location Wednesday 8:00pm – 10:00pm 1151 McCarty Hall A