Meeting - February 27, 2013

Good evening, SIT’ers!

Tomorrow night, we’re going to discuss yet another CTF topic. This time, we’re going to show you how to sniff and analyze network traffic! Capture all the things!

In CTFs like the upcoming UCSB iCTF (March 22nd), which have an attack/defend network component, it is often (read: always) necessary to capture and parse traffic going across the wire. Are they hacking us?

You might be thinking to yourself… “so, do I need some fancy FBI wiretapping device and a signal analyzer to do this?” Fear not! You just need a couple tools, some eyeballs (maybe), and the willingness to stare at some packet data :-)

As I’ve said a bazillion times in the past, almost anyone can find something useful when looking at a packet capture. If you enjoy defending the castle… this is definitely one of the areas you should consider.

Shtoof to Bring - Laptop running Linux (local install or VM) - Wireshark (already included in BackTrack)

Ethics Agreement Just a reminder… if you haven’t yet signed an the ethics agreement posted at, please bring a copy of the agreement, printed out and signed, to tonight’s meeting.

Time and Location Wednesday 8:00pm – 1151 McCarty Hall A