[Meeting] 01-16-2013

Welcome back, SIT’ers!

We hope you had a great holiday and are refreshed for a new semester of fun and hacking. This week will be the first meeting of the semester, and it will be all about introductions!

First off, we’re going to talk about the Student Infosec Team and hacking in general. And maybe get a feeling of what members want to get out of being a part of SIT, and what they’re interested in learning.

We will also talk about what we’re going to be doing this semester: CTF competitions! What are CTFs, and what do we need in order to participate and profit. And have fun in the process!

We will introduce one of our famous members (alias: cvk), who will chat with you about how he got started with hacking, how he got involved with SIT, what he learned while part of the club, and how he got a career in infosec.

Finally, we want you to get acquainted with two of the best lines of communication with fellow SIT’ers and members of the infosec community: the SIT-L mailing list and our IRC channel. If you do not know what those are, fear not: we will go over how to use them.

[Time and Location]


1151 McCarty Hall A