[Meeting] 10-24-2012

Good morning SIT’ers!

Last week, you got a taste of some pretty basic Recon tactics. We did a little bit of manual web crawling, domain and IP resolution… and a few of you found interesting Best Buy locations on farms in Iceland?

Near the end of the meeting, we released a “tool pack” containing the following tools: - recon-ng - pushpin v1 (v2 released this past weekend) - fierce domain scan - dnsrecon (blank directory, couldn’t provide due to dead link on dev’s site)

So… this week, it’s Tool Timeā„¢! We’re going to show you a short demo of the first two tools. Then, we’ll give you some hands-on time.

Stuff to bring You will need a computer for this meeting - Linux or Linux VM (like Samurai or BackTrack)

Ethics Agreement Just a reminder… if you haven’t yest signed an the ethics agreement posted at http://ufhack.org/ethics/, please bring a copy of the agreement, printed out and signed, to Wednesday’s meeting.

Time and Location Wednesday 7:15PM - 9:00PM 1151 McCarty Hall A http://campusmap.ufl.edu/?loc=0495