[Meeting] 09-13-2012

Good afternoon, hackers!

Tonight’s meeting will serve two purposes: First, we need to decide on a direction for the team, and figure out what we want to accomplish this year. Second, well… this is a hacking team right? As always, there we be plenty of hacking!

Administrivia We want to know what YOU, the members, want to learn… and what you hope to get out of being part of the Student Infosec Team.

Topics of discussion will include (but are not limited to): - Goals of the team - Participation in CTF events - Different types of hacking we can do - Guest speakers - Personal project presentations - Campus outreach - Future meeting time/day - Monthly SwampSec security meet

On to the hackery… We’ll be showing off some of the cool features of this year’s DEF CON badge … and maybe even demoing a few things we were able to get it do. Something about Space Invaders… :P

Oh yea… and we have some schweet new (to us) networking hardware to play with!