SQL Injection


We were on the second floor in one of the E22X rooms.

14 attending. Here are some of them.

We talked about the wordpress blog and it’s existence.

Our fearless leader exhorting about the blogoration.

The subject of the day was SQL Injection, and the presenter was Christian (cvk).

I took some rather limited notes. I had to leave early. Maybe Matt can fill in what else there was. I also took the exact url down, cause that seems like a good idea to me.

[caption id=“attachment_25” align=“alignnone” width=“225”]CRAZY HANDS! Christian standing in front of Matt’s CRAZY HANDS![/caption]

PHP is super dumb by default. start at the top and go to the bottom.

MySQL shell


MySQL comments ‘ – ’ not sure if space on front or back is needed, so did both

Tautology: A statement that is true as it is a restatement of it’s own definition. 1 = 1 is a tautology.

Evaluation of comparison of string to int, converts one to other before doing comparison, so 5 =‘5’ works.

As we need to be able to create arbitrary sized tables, use an unqualified select. select 1, 2, 3, 4; this results in a table with 4 columns.

Finally, for our topic after we return from break, we should be covering some binary reversing.