The University of Florida Student Infosec Team (UFSIT) was founded in the Fall of 2006 by Jordan Wiens and John Sawyer shortly after their team’s (1@stplace) first win at the DefCon 14 Capture the Flag (CTF) competition. Several students approached Jordan and John to learn more about security and that interest led to the formation of the SIT.

The goals for the SIT are simple – to provide an environment for students (and anyone else who’s interested and willing to participate) to learn more about information security topics such as penetration testing, reverse engineering, exploit development, etc. The SIT holds weekly meetings that are student led and regularly include presentations from local IT professionals and guest industry speakers. In addition to meetings, the SIT regularly participates in CTF events and hosts their own to help members sharpen their skills.

Over the years, the SIT has enjoyed a varied membership of students, UF employees, and local IT professionals, many of whom have gone off to work in a wide array of different areas within the IT industry including reverse engineering, exploit development, penetration testing, incident response, digital forensics, risk assessment, and more.


Terry Thibault


Terry Thibault is a senior at the University of Florida. Previously, he has interned on The Home Depot’s Enterprise Data Protection team. Terry enjoys web and network penetration testing

Adam Soliman

Vice President

Adam Soliman is a 5th year student studying Computer Science Engineering. He first started learning about security in late high school/early college. He has an interest in penetration testing and exploit development.

Elan Rasabi


Elan Rasabi is a Junior Computer Engineering student coming from a web and desktop developing background. He has interned for tech startups focused on end to end protection and friction-less fraud prevention. He loves creative coding of all kinds and traveling places most people don’t think to go to..

Nicholas Barnes


Nicholas Barnes is a Junior in Computer Science, and has been passionate about Cyber Security since middle school. He is particularly interested in the areas of Cryptography and Web Exploits.


Spencer Flitter

Corporate Liaison Chair

Spencer Flitter is a freshman studying computer science and mathematics. His love for solving math based puzzles and problems has lead to a specific interest in the field of Cryptography.

Matthew Giaramita

CTF Chair

Matthew Giaramita is a 4th year Computer Science undergrad at the University of Florida. His main focus is software development, but he finds CTFs to be a fun and challenging experience.


John H Sawyer |

Industry Sponsor

John H Sawyer is co-founder of the University of Florida Student Infosec Team and founder of SwampSec. He is a Senior Security Analyst with InGuardians. John is member of the winning team (1@stplace) from DEF CON 14’s and 15’s Capture the Flag competition. He is also a respected author and currently writes for Dark Reading and InformationWeek Magazine.

Dr. Joseph N. Wilson

Faculty Sponsor

Dr. Joseph N. Wilson is the faculty advisor for the UF Student Infosec Team. He has been a faculty member at the University of Florida since 1984-1/2. His interest in Information Security was (re)kindled when Jim Hranicky complained that UF students were being not being properly educated in secure software development. After having taught a Secure Programming course a couple of times, in 2012 he decided to dig deeper into the security arena and sought education outside the university. From sources such as SANS (he now holds GIAC GPEN, GXPN, and GWAPT certifications) and hacker cons, he has sought to learn what he can from the people who know what they know. One of the now-dying breed of people with three-letter usernames, you can contact him via email at jnw@cise.ufl.edu and consult https://www.cise.ufl.edu/~jnw for more information.